How to apply

Meet the criteria

Ensure you meet all the eligibility criteria set out on the "Am I eligible?" page.

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Choose a lender

From our list of participating lenders on our lenders page

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Get a 10% deposit

If you need help getting together a deposit there are options available

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Complete lenders loan application

Although the government sets the WHL eligibility criteria, each lender has their own credit criteria that must be met.

Pre and final approvals

You can either apply for a Welcome Home Loan pre-approval or a final approval. Applying for a pre-approval will allow you to confirm that you fit the eligibility criteria and the lender’s lending criteria. The lender will be able to advise you the amount that they are prepared to lend you. You can then look for a suitable property in that house price range. Once you have found a property, you return to the lender to gain a final loan approval.

Alternatively, if you have already found a property that you wish to purchase with a Welcome Home Loan, you could apply for a final approval. In this circumstance, the lender will assess that both your circumstances, and the property fit the loan requirements.


Here are some useful information booklets and links that may be of help to you